Chris and Emily's Wedding in London

It’s been a whirlwind of shoots this August. We flew in London fresh from Sydney from a series of engagement sessions then recuperated enough for the actual wedding.

You’re greeted with fields of lavender as you enter Addington Palace. The entourage is dressed in colors of violet and lilac and grays. The modern elements were tied wonderfully with the traditional elements of an English wedding. The palace was grandiose and simply elegant. The venue really made the wedding even more special with its ambiance. I met Chris and Emily through her sister Koko​— a former bride we shot a few years back. Christopher​ and EmiLy​ were amazing to shoot. They looked so content and full of joy when I was shooting them.

It was in Addington Palace where I took my first shots in England. For years, my photography has brought me to beautiful places—traveling around the world and seeing it and capturing it all through my lenses. I’m glad that it finally took me here.

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