Deiter and Ena’s Wedding in Goldcoast, Australia

One of my favorite places to come back to is Australia. I was amazed by how the weather was so cooperative the whole time I was there. I was able to see the beautiful sights of the Goldcoast while I was walking around with them, shooting them. The church where they had the wedding at was decorous and opulent. The venue came together with the themes that they were going for.

Imagine having the usual team of 7 in Manila, coming down to just me and my wife for such a big event. It was one of the rare times I got to do a photo shoot by myself. Thankfully, Arlette was there to assist me from time to time. I really appreciated my time alone as a photographer. I took this time to really reflect on my style and refine it as I stayed in Australia. I hope you continue to enjoy my ventures around the world, creating and capturing memories as I go.